The fourth series.

Series 4 saw a significant updating of Anouk with a much cooler and more informal style.

The series was inspired by the 1968 film "Girl on a motorcycle" starring Marianne Faithful. In the film her wardrobe was designed by Lanvin, Paris, one of the oldest and most well established fashion houses.

The new series, used leathers, suedes and knitts, combined with fun mini skirts, sweaters, jackets and sports wear.

Brand new kitten heel shoes, ankle boots, and sports shoes were designed.

An added new element to add to the fun factor were the "mix n match" outfits.

Anouk sported vivid new make up and more casual long sideparted hair and bubblecut hairstyles.

300 dolls were produced and a new lighter suntan skin tone was included with the standard Caucasian and black. 

The shades of blonde and red were changed and brunette was replaced with brownette.


The outfits:

#0065 Doux Rēves

#0069 Megève

#0060 Bol d'Or

#0068 Bibliothèque rose

#0067 Dîner pour deux

#0062 Gouttes de pluie

#0063 Feuilles d'automne

#0064 Mon Tricot

#0061 Chaleur d'hiver

#0066 Esprit Cuir