Anouk Giftsets

There have been some very limited edition Anouk gift-sets. They were designed by me to call to mind the exciting giftsets made by Mattel in the 1960s. In particular the Sears exclusives. Each set came in a presentation box, with artwork and accessories. Each one had a vintage style promo film made by my friend and associate Christian Gradin.

Cocktail Party

"Cocktail party" featured an Anouk doll, lingerie set, cocktail dress, fur trimmed coat, gloves, earrings, and wine bottle. Initially two variants of a Brunette in white or, suntan Blonde in Black were produced. As they sold out quickly, I made some extra sets with Caucasian dolls with pale blonde and raven black hair. There were also two one of a kind versions with a Titian and black Anouk which were auctioned for charity.


East meets West

Again a fabulous promo movie by Cristian Gradín launched these dolls and accessories:


The promo drawings:

This time there were two dolls per set, and two choices:

Set A

A blonde doll in orange and white dress.

Redhead doll in black and gold kimono.

Set B

A redhead doll in yellow and white dress.

Black haired doll in white and gold kimono.

They were accessorised with hair ornaments, fans, purses gloves, hose, socks, and 2 sets of footwear. 

The theme came from my love of all things Japanese, and the James Bond film "You only live twice", set in Japan.

Anouk's Living room

This beautiful and detailed living room was jointly designed by me and Kimberly Allen Bengali. It's mid century style and aesthetic suit Anouk perfectly. No flat pack or cardboard here. All the furniture is wooden and upholstered with fabric. It was accessorised with cushions, plants, pictures, lamps and ornaments. Very few of these play sets were produced, as they were made to order.