The third series.

The concept for series 3 was Anouk going on a chic European tour. The outfit names reflected various destinations, and Anouk's lifestyle. This series also introduced accessories, such as cameras, binoculars, books, a passport etc with the outfits.

There were 300 dolls, with the same skin tones as previous series. 

Hair shades remained:



Pale blonde

Ash blonde

There was the addition of a new raven black hair shade, for caucasian and black Anouk dolls (previously they had brunette).

Images by Dolldom Photography.

Outfits in this series:

#0044 Rome

#0043 Berlin

#0037 Cherbourg

#0040 Helsinki

#0038 Frissons de Moscou

#0041 Lycée a Londres

#0045 Sortie

#0046 Cocktail

#0039 Pique-nique

#0042 Vacances

 A limited number outfits from previous series were also offered, such as #007 Swim which was now accessorised with a hat.