The second series.

This series was made for the Japanese market. The majority of dolls were purchased by a Tokyo based doll club. A selection of dolls were kept for international clients. 

This was an extremely small production of only 100 dolls.

These dolls had a new facial screening, inspired by Japan market Francie dolls. Arching black eyebrows, contrasted with cherry red lips and smoky eyeshadow.


There were only Caucasian and suntanned versions of this doll, though I did make a limited number of ooak black dolls. 

Again there was a long and short hairstyle in hair shades of:



Ash blonde

Pale blonde

There were 7 outfits, 2 of which were variations on series one ensembles. These outfits did not have names, only stock numbers:

#0014 summer flight attendant

#0015 winter flight attendant.

#0017 pink evening gown

#0018 blue evening gown variant.

#0016 blue and white dress (blue colour variant of #0010 Capri from series 1)

#0019 - #0029 Kimono


The Kimono came in various designs, some limited to 4 or 5 pieces, the rest were OOAK and made from authentic Japanese brocades, accessories with a purse, gloves, socks and wedgies.